I knew I wanted to write something today but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what. I started a blog post about dream jobs and scrapped it. I started to think about what inspires me to write. But nothing was quite sticking. It would appear that the curse of writer’s block returns.
Then an idea popped into my head for a poem with a phrase: “Writing for me | Writing for you.” And then I just wrote. Here is that poem:

Writing for me | Writing for you by Richard Kish

What does it mean if I’m writing for me?
Where do I start so I can write free?
What does it mean if I’m writing for you?
Where do I start when I haven’t a clue?

A poem’s a short thing, a novel’s quite long,
How do I know where my thoughts should belong?
A blog’s just a moment, a song’s just too hard,
The ideas in my head are too battered or scarred.

When I seek inspiration, that wonderful thing,
My mind wants to leap and to shout and to sing.
But the gears aren’t quite turning, I slow down and I grieve,
Because my mind just won’t let me conceive and believe.

So I sit in my bedroom wondering what I should do,
To see what it means to write for me or for you.
When that blocking of writing starts getting me down,
I try to remember it even affects writers of renown.

And this was the solution. A poem from my mind.
Because a thought can be defined and outlined and refined.
And whether I’m writing for me or for you,
That thought is the thing that will give me the clue.