Front cover of July by Richard Kish


August 2022

Paperback RRP: £3.50

eBook RRP: £0.99

The Front Cover of The Burning Ash

The Burning Ash

April 2019

Paperback RRP: £7.99

eBook RRP: £1.99

“The only way to stop those we love fading from our lives once they are gone is to remember them; to never leave them behind.”

When an enigmatic young man appears out of thin air in the Kingdom of Ryushima, Princess Rosalina takes it upon herself to uncover the mystery of his arrival.

The young man, Hideki, brings with him stories of the afterlife and gets thrown into an adventure of love, friendship, and sacrifice.

A world of magic, dragons, and a crystalline tree await…


For July

“July provides great insight to living with depression and offers thought provoking poetry that is both sad and beautiful. Richard’s moving poetry will resonate with so many and both my daughter and I loved reading it.”

For The Burning Ash

I would not hesitate to purchase another book from this author.

A fantastic story, which I ended up binge reading in two sittings. It’s definitely worth the money and is a pleasure to read. It’s a great gateway for newer fantasy readers, while having rooted references for the more experienced fantasy readers to recognise. I look forward to more books from the Author, as I’m sure experience will only add to his writing!”