For some reason over the last year and a half I’ve turned to poetry to express and vent feelings. Why I feel like I need to push these out into the world I’ll never know, but I suppose that while I struggle to write the one thing I want to write right now, it’s at least good that I can still do something creative even if they’re just small little poems of emotion. This is another one of those poems.

Clinging on

I’m clinging on with all I’ve got

The abyss below

A life above

How long have I been holding on?

I don’t know anymore.

Every time I think I’ve climbed higher

I realise how little I’ve moved

I’m stuck

I’m clinging

It’d be so easy to let go

And I’m so tired

But I want to find that life above

I want to thrive

And so I cling on


For help to rise

For strength to climb

To escape the gaping chasm

And not be stuck here