The Burning Ash with a tree made of gems and two silhouettes at its base

About Richard Kish

Richard Kish is Nottingham born and bred. His love of literature led to a BA in English from the University of Cambridge and his writing skills and creativity have led to communications jobs in theatre and local government.

Inspired by modern writers like Patrick Ness, Terry Pratchett, Phillip Pullman, Christopher Paolini, Garth Nix, and more historical writers like Chrétien de Troyes, Marie de France, F. Scott Fitzgerald, H.G. Wells and John Milton; Richard has always wanted to write.

He began his first novel at the age of 14 with the dream of getting it published by the time he was 25. That story would go on to become Richard’s debut novel, The Burning Ash.

A young man wearing a shirt and cardigan smiling at the camera: Richard Kish
Front Cover of The Burning Ash

The Burning Ash

April 2019

Paperback RRP: £7.99

eBook RRP: £1.99

“The only way to stop those we love fading from our lives once they are gone is to remember them; to never leave them behind.”

When an enigmatic young man appears out of thin air in the Kingdom of Ryushima, Princess Rosalina takes it upon herself to uncover the mystery of his arrival.

The young man, Hideki, brings with him stories of the afterlife and gets thrown into an adventure of love, friendship, and sacrifice.

A world of magic, dragons, and a crystalline tree await…

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