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About Richard Kish

Richard Kish is a Nottingham-based writer and self-described mega geek, born in 1994. His love of literature led to a BA in English from the University of Cambridge and a career in marketing and communications across the arts, local government, and higher education.

He began his first novel at the age of 14 with the dream of getting it published by the time he was 25. That story would go on to become Richard’s debut novel, The Burning Ash.

When he’s not writing, he can usually be found playing video games, watching films, reading, going to the theatre, or out walking his dog, Milo.

Richard is currently working on his second novel with the working title A Place Where We Belong.

Richard and his dog Milo out on a walk
Front cover of July by Richard Kish


August 2022

Paperback RRP: £3.50

eBook RRP: £0.99

“A poetic snapshot of a month in one depressed late twenty-something’s mind.”

July is a poetry collection written over the course of the month of July, one poem written every day exploring a theme or a feeling that was sparked by something that happened that day.

Latest News

The Door

The Door

A short story Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. It was a gentle but consistent knocking that could be heard at the door. No discernible rhythm. Not a parapa-pap-pap. Not a quick knock knock knock. Just a consistent tapping. And then it stopped. Maya...

A million pieces on the floor

A million pieces on the floor

A week ago I was so in love. Then the next day it was over. He ended it. A month together. Two weeks after Valentine's and announcing us as a pair to the world. He ended it. And I'm just left numb and wondering what the hell happened. All I can say is thank god for...

Labels: A Coming Out

Labels: A Coming Out

Long story short, I’ve recently come to the confident realisation that I’m bi-romantic demisexual, and my best friend is now my boyfriend. Now, for that long story. Not that long ago I quite confidently said I wasn’t gay, bi, trans or non-binary; guess I was wrong...

Current Goals Progress

  • Secret Project 100% 100%
  • A Place Where We Belong First Draft 40% 40%
  • Teach Milo 12 new tricks 33% 33%
  • Read 12 Books in 2022 100% 100%
  • Clear half of Film watchlist 100% 100%

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