It’s a new year and it’s time for me to set myself a new set of goals. But this time, I’ve decided to go a bit simpler and rather than giving myself five goals to complete, I’m giving myself one. It’s been an on-going goal for the last three years and I’ve just made so little progress on it that I really need to use the opportunity and time I have in 2023 to finally complete it.

Finish and publish A Place Where We Belong

There’s really nothing more to say at this point other than the fact that I’ve got about 60% left of A Place Where We Belong to write. That equates to about 48,000 words left to go across about 13 chapters.

As before, a pace of about 2000 words a week would get my first draft done by July and then with the editing and formatting, it should be easily possible to get it finished before the year is out.

I know I can do it. The building blocks of the plot and the characters and the character arcs are all there, I just need to get in there and write.

So 2023, you will be there year my second novel gets published!

And if not, then I’m sure I could always put together a second poetry collection!

Draft front cover for A Place Where We Belong