Front cover of July by Richard Kish

Nottingham-born writer, Richard Kish, this week releases his first ever poetry collection called ‘July’.

The collection, described as a poetic snapshot of a month in one depressed late twenty-something’s mind, was born from a personal challenge to write one poem every day for the month of July and to publish the results at the end.

Richard said of the collection, “My mental health has been on a rollercoaster ride for a long time. As of late, I’ve ended up in a real rut in life, in work, and in love, and in the past couple of years I’ve found myself turning to poetry to help me find ways of putting my feelings into words. It’s helped me find moments of catharsis and freedom and reignited my creative spark and love of writing, so I set myself a challenge and this is the result!”

“There are some light-hearted and funny poems, there are some deeply emotional and personal poems, and there are some that are little homages to some of the things that inspire me. I think there’s a little something in there for everyone and I hope people enjoy this little project of mine.”

July is available to purchase on at as a paperback for £3.50 or an eBook for £0.99.

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