So today is a day I am not looking forward to. My sister is officially moving out today and taking her cat, Buttons, with her.

We rescued Buttons about a year and a half ago from the amazing RSPCA Radcliffe and he was the best decision we ever made for my sister’s mental health, but what we didn’t realise at the time was that he was also the best decision we could have made for our family’s mental health and he’s been an absolute godsend throughout lockdown.

You’d never have pegged us as a cat family, in fact the last time an opportunity to get a cat came up (my cousin’s old cat Misty), my dad vetoed the whole idea. Now, my dad and Buttons have regular cuddles on the armchair in the living room.

We knew the day would come when my sister would move out and take Buttons with her, but I don’t think any of us realised back when we adopted him just how much he would come to mean to us. It’s not even like he’s dead or that he’s going to a brand new family. He’s just moving about 15 minutes away with my sister; but it’s still turning out to be really emotional and I know I’ll be a mess when we leave him in his new home with just my sister.

I think it’s the thought of not having him there every day, being able to just go find him and give him a fuss, or just having him there for company. I’m really going to miss that. I never knew how much I appreciated having an animal in my life until Buttons came along. That’s part of the reason why I’m now desperately seeking to rescue a dog like I’ve kind of always wanted to. I need somewhere to funnel that love to on a daily basis since I’ll only be able to get to see Buttons every now and again.

So, as I say goodbye to my special nephew kitty, I put my feelings into a poem dedicated to my little prince, Buttons.


Our story begins with Buttons and Cinderella,

A love that would last over 50 years and forever,

A tradition of joy in the theatre each year,

Which began when a panto brought my grandparents near.


When my grandfather died I was saved from my grief,

Thanks to Buttons and panto he became our motif,

So I wrote and I sang and I made sure to be playful,

To perform in that role I will forever be grateful.


Then you came along, my little nephew of fluff,

With a meow and a nudge you were perfect enough,

Your name was a star and a light in our life,

So we brought you right home and you saved us from strife.


I don’t think I knew how much love I could give,

Until you came along I did not really live,

And so as you move out, your mummy and you,

I sit and I wonder, what the hell will I do?


On those days where you slept next to me on my bed,

All the fusses you asked for and the strokes of your head,

You’re cute and you’re handsome, you’re my little prince,

I can’t stand the thought of days without you and your little prints.


But I know you’ll be happy, your mummy and you,

And I’ll see you as much as I can Monkey Moo,

You’re a special, special boy, and I say without reluctance,

I’ll love you forever, my sweet nephew kitty,

My Buttons.

Black and white cat fast asleep
Black and white cat staring at the camera with big green eyes