My life changed forever this month.  I’ve been missing having an animal around since my nephew kitty Buttons moved out with my sister and since then I’ve been looking to get a dog. I’d been aiming for a rescue because obviously they’re cheaper and there’s usually a lot less training that needs to be done, but then one night my mum was browsing Facebook and that life-changing decision was made.

My dad’s cousin’s friend was trying to find a home for the last of her springer spaniel puppies and he just had the sweetest face. There was a chat, there was the worry, then there was the thought of ‘this is a once in a lifetime chance’. So we got in touch, drove all the way up to near Sunderland to meet him, and then a week and a bit later, Milo came home and joined the family.

So here’s a little poem for my brand new furbaby.

An Ode To Milo

A little springing puppy joined my family today

You never know how hard it’ll be, no matter what they say

The lack of sleep, the accidents, the crying, sobbing tears

The early days did not allay any of my fears

But my Milo is a little star, a gem without compare

He’s smart and loving, fun and kind, the answer to my prayer

So welcome to your forever family, my perfect little pup

And as they say, for both of us, the only way is up!